Fire Drill Guidelines for Schools & Daycare Facilities

The fire code requires that ten (10) fire drills be conducted during the school year.  Two of these drills must be conducted within the first two weeks of school.  The remaining eight are to be done on a schedule of one per month.  A written report is required and the report must contain the following information:

  1. Time of drill
  2. Date of drill
  3. Weather conditions when occupants were evacuated
  4. Number of occupants evacuated
  5. Total time for evacuation
  6. Other information relevant to the drill

Records of fire exit drills must be kept on the premises and the responsible person with each school must file a written report with the fire department’s Prevention Office twice a year (January/June).

In addition, records must be kept on tornado drills.  Tornado drills must be conducted once each month during tornado season (April 1 through July 31).

We strongly recommend using the following forms for reporting both Fire and Tornado drills.

  • Fire Drill Instructions    ********ADD LINK
  • Tornado Drill Instructions  ********ADD LINK
  • Family Preparedness