Emergency Medical Services

Every minute counts when you are faced with a medical emergency. If you feel you need medical attention, do not hesitate to dial 911.  Your highly trained firefighter/paramedics are just a phone call away 24/7 365 days a year.

Emergency medical services are available to anyone; both residents and non-residents who needs medical attention.  The Jackson Township Division of Fire has averaged over 5,400 responses for EMS runs each year for the past three years, and the request for EMS service continues to increases at three percent a year. Of these responses, more than 60 percent required transportation to one of our local hospitals

Jackson Township Notice of Privacy Practices

Emergency information for adults and children with special needs

Jackson Township Fire Department recognizes that children and/or adults in its jurisdiction may have special medical conditions that require special or additional care from paramedics in the event of an emergency.  If someone in your family has a medical condition that is persistent, we are asking that you take the time to fill out an, Emergency Information Form for Children with Special Needs.”    Please keep a copy for EMS when they arrive at your home during an emergency.  Also make sure that all care providers have a completed copy at their location should the emergency occur at a location other than home.

When paramedics arrive they will recognize this form and review the special needs and treat the patient appropriately according to the information provided.  This information will also be passed on to the receiving hospital nurses and doctors so they may continue the appropriate care.

All Jackson Township paramedics have been trained to treat children and infants with life threatening emergencies.  Our medics also recognize that most parents with special needs children/adults have received specialized training from the hospitals on how to best to care for their child/adult. In these events the medics will assist the parents with their care and intervene only when necessary.